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5 Tips for Your Perfect Long Beach Wedding

5 Tips for Your Perfect Long Beach Wedding

Allegria Hotel is the premier wedding venue in Long Beach. Our seaside location, luxurious rooms, and upscale, onsite dining options are attractive to happy couples. Plus, our years of experience as a wedding venue makes us a trustworthy option.

If you’re thinking that Long Beach will be your wedding destination, here are a few tips for smooth sailing throughout the planning process.

1. Hire a wedding planner

Wedding planners will provide know-how and support with a steady hand. They’re experienced professionals, which is exactly what you need when planning such an important gathering.

2. Book in advance

Long Beach is a popular destination in the summer months, and many local businesses operate at full-capacity. Once you’ve secured your venue, book hotel rooms well in advance!

3. Use local vendors

Like a wedding planner, local vendors are experienced and aware of the challenges that come with local weather, traffic, and other elements an outsider could easily overlook. Here’s a list of our preferred local vendors in Long Beach.

4. Don’t forget sunscreen

New York loves Long Beach for its beach and sunshine, but it’s important to lather up with SPF to avoid unwanted tan lines or sunburned skin before (and on) the big day! Help out guests by including sunscreen in their welcome bags. This way your can ensure that your wedding party won’t look bright red in your wedding photos.

5. Choose a hairstyle that works with the wind

The rooftop access at Allegria Hotel makes for a memorable reception and gorgeous wedding photos, but wind coming off the Atlantic Ocean can be a factor! Consider what will suit your hair best given the range of elements in Long Beach.

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