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Upcoming Local Events in Long Beach, NY

August 11th, 2017 Allegria Hotel News & Events
Upcoming Local Events in Long Beach, NY

Summer is well on its way and Long Beach, NY has more to offer than meets the eye. Our picturesque boardwalk, rolling waves and soft sand might be the most sought-after attractions, but they are certainly not all there is to do here. Regardless of whether you prefer sports, arts, music or social events, Long Beach, NY has it all!


Cyclists, get your bikes and helmets ready. What better way to see all of Long Beach at once than by participating in the 14th Annual C.U.R.B. Bike Ride? This tradition gives participants the opportunity to ride for 11 miles past the best sights of Long Beach: the West End, the Canals, Bay Drive and Reynolds Channels, and the boardwalk. All ages are welcome! If you or your family are interested in participating, meet at the Long Beach Recreation Center on Magnolia Boulevard at 8:30am on August 12, just a short walk from The Allegria. 


If you prefer a more creative pastime, head to Earth Arts of Long Beach and try some of their art classes and workshops. Walk-in pottery painting is always available; children can paint their favorite character’s clay figurine, while adults can decorate the perfect vase for that bare corner table back at home. 


Since we are talking about art, the Summer Concert Series are still on fire and nobody visiting Long Beach, NY should miss it. Don’t worry about having to plan your day around it. The concerts take place four nights a week at 8pm in various locations along the beach. Enjoy a pre-concert cocktail in L’Onda Lounge and watch the sun set over the horizon before heading out to listen bands rock the night away.


Now that the concerts have stirred your musical self, why not let it out completely? Get on the stage at Long Beach’s Karaoke Beach Party on August 18 from 7pm-10pm. Pre-register for a chance at being crowned the King or Queen of Beach Karaoke. Now that’s something to tell your grandchildren about! Prizes will be awarded to the top three winners. 


What are you waiting for? Just a short drive or quick train ride from Manhattan and you will be at the perfect beach retreat where you’ll never get bored. What’s more, our luxury amenities, rooftop pool, the Atlantica restaurant and the L’Onda Lounge will be the cherry on the cake.


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