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Halloween Beats & Eats at the Allegria Hotel

October 15th, 2018 Allegria Hotel News & Events
Halloween Beats & Eats at the Allegria Hotel

We’re two weeks away from Halloween. If you don’t have plans yet, we have great news! If you do have plans, get ready to change them. The Allegria Hotel is hosting its annual Halloween party at L’Onda Lounge on November 1st. Here’s the scoop.

The Allegria is proud to present “Halloween Eats & Beats” — a costume party held at a top Long Beach bar with the best ocean views. From 7pm to 10pm, L’Onda Lounge will unroll its red carpet to welcome a parade of witches, pirates, ghosts, vampires and more! To raise the stakes, we are holding a contest: prizes will be given to the best three costumes!

But the good news doesn’t stop there. All you, creatures of the night, who come to The Allegria for Halloween will be treated to a complimentary glass of champagne upon arrival and music by DJ Chef. We’ll be serving food from 7pm to 9pm ($25 per person) and our cash bar will be mixing colorful potions, sorry, cocktails.  


Where to Get a Halloween Costume in Long Beach

One reason why adults love Halloween is that is provides a chance to play around with makeup, costumes and strange wigs. And when you add fun drinks and a costume competition, it’s set to be a night to remember. Because the stakes are high, you need a proper costume. If you don’t have time to camp out in your shed with your sewing machine, read on.

Let’s get down to business. Where to get a Halloween costume that will win you a prize? Long Beach, NY, is located a short drive from two superb party supplies and costume stores. You can browse their catalogs online, order, and either pick up at the store or have your purchase shipped to you!

Spirit Halloween
3515 Long Beach Road, Oceanside, NY 11572

Party City
(Store# 409) 3098 Long Beach Road, Oceanside, NY 11572

Once you have your costume and makeup ready, start counting down the days to the ultimate Halloween party at the City by the Sea. If you want to call in sick the next day, why not book a room at The Allegria? We offer special deals for New York residents as well as a breakfast package.