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Your Surfing Catch-all for Long Beach, NY

January 31st, 2020 Surfing in Long Beach, NY
Your Surfing Catch-all for Long Beach, NY

When you think of the East Coast, surfing doesn't quite come to mind. That's probably because the area's most rideable waves roll in during the winter months, when only the hardcore surfers are out there to catch them. While it may be surprising to some, Long Island, New York, is a popular spot for surfers! Novices get in on the action during the summer months, and the more experienced surfers tend to be in the water year-round. Here's a catch-all of what to expect.

> It isn't just for experienced surfers

You don’t have to be a seasoned veteran to surf in Long Beach. At the Allegria Hotel we can hook you up with surfing lessons from one of the East Coast’s most acclaimed schools. During the summer months, Skudin Surf has a tent on the Allegria beachfront where you can sign up for private and semi-private lessons, as well as group classes on the weekends.

Read up on local surfing rules and etiquette so you know what to expect and what's expected of you! Inexperienced surfers should always surf with a buddy and heed beach closures due to rough conditions.


> There are a few great surfing spots along Long Island

Fortunately, there are a fair number of beaches with rideable waves on Long Island. Of course, we're partial to Long Beach, but areas of Montauk Point and Lido Beach attract surfers from states over.

Conditions are always a variable, so we recommend you always check the surf report beforehand at Surfline, which offers updated information, live web cams and more useful information.

> Long Beach has a surprising number of surf shops for all of your gear needs

For rentals, wet suits, board repairs and more, Long Beach has you covered. A handful of stores are located just blocks from the beach, which can yield great resources on the local surf scene.

Beginners can also refer to our guide for the basic gear items you'll need, which you can rent from a number of shops.


> Long Beach is becoming a year-round destination for hardcore surfers

Advanced surfers enjoy empty beaches and great waves during the cold months in Long Beach. Thick wetsuits help to make this possible. Plus, some surf junkies swear by it, noting its almost addictive quality. Surfing in the off-season is definitely a feat for experienced surfers who know what they're doing. If that doesn't exactly intrigue you, you can enjoy a webcam live feed of Long Beach to see the winter surfers in action. Best of all, you don't have to go outside to see if the surf's up.

Plan a getaway and stay with us at Allegria Hotel, located right on Long Beach. That’s right – you can keep an eye on the ocean for optimal surfing from the comfort of your hotel room and head out when the time is right. Our onsite amenities make it an easy choice. Read more.