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Your Guide to Surfing in Long Beach, Summer 2018

July 16th, 2018
Your Guide to Surfing in Long Beach, Summer 2018

Surfing season is in full swing! Experienced and amateur surfers of all ages are flocking to the coast for a chance to ride some summer waves. As a top surfing destination on Long Island, Long Beach sees its fair share of visitors, so we’ve put together a handy-dandy guide for newcomers:


Everything You Need to Know about Surfing in Long Beach, NY.

In addition to the above tips, if you’re coming to the City by the Sea for a long holiday or a weekend getaway, here are the schedules and guidelines you need to know before heading to the beach this summer.


Beach Pass and Gear

First, during summer everyone needs to pay admission at the Beach Park. Allegria guests need not worry about it—your beach pass is included with your booking! Now that that’s taken care of, why not do a quick check-list of surf gear? Those of you unsure of what to bring, read our blog post "Basic Surf Equipment for Beginners" or go straight to our piece "Go on a Shopping Spree at these Surf Shops in Long Beach, NY," to find out where to buy or upgrade your equipment.


Surfing Guidelines

The second thing you should be aware of is where to surf during summer. The City of Long Beach marks surfing areas with yellow flags. Keep in mind that if there aren’t any waves, lifeguards will close the beach to surfing until conditions improve.

For hassle-free surfing, go to Lincoln Boulevard to Monroe Boulevard and Maple Boulevard to Pacific Boulevard (to the East of the swimming area). These beaches are open for surfing every day. Additionally, West-Central and West End surfing beaches will follow a rotating schedule all through Labor Day.


Surfing in Undesignated Areas

Keep in mind that surfing in other areas is allowed only if no swimmers are present. Please pay attention to the instructions given by the lifeguards.

To round-up your surf outing, book the Atlantica Dinner Package, which includes a dinner for two-the perfect way to recuperate after a day of carving the waves.