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Why the Off-Season in Long Beach is Bliss

November 4th, 2019 Local Tips
Why the Off-Season in Long Beach is Bliss

Long Beach in Long Island receives a great influx of visitors every summer. Beachgoers vie over a spot in the sand while surfers jockey for the best wave. It’s a welcomed getaway from New York City, which is why it attracts so many visitors during the summer. Looking for peace and quiet? We recommend visiting during the off-season. Here’s why.

The boardwalk is (mostly) yours

The wide expanse of the boardwalk lends itself to leisurely strolls with outstanding views. Book a room seaside at Allegria Hotel, which overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s ideal for peace & quiet

City dwellers need to escape the noise, and Long Beach in the off-season is a world away. Listen to the ocean, walk through the sand and take in the peace and quiet.

Local surfers have space hang loose

The local surf scene really comes alive during the off-season. LB surfers swear that Long Beach is actually best surfed in winter, when the swells are bigger and you have the beach all to yourself.

All the great restaurants are still open

Where do we start? The food scene is on-point in Long Beach all year round. Enjoy a fresh dinner at LB Social, a gourmet burger at JJ Cooper’s, seafood at Atlantica Restaurant, or brick oven pizza at Brixx Barley.

Activity doesn’t die down

Whether it’s the annual Superbowl Polar Plunge, various 5k runs, Irish Day or holiday festivals, Long Beach doesn’t die down when the tourists leave. You can catch live music year-round at Junction, ice skate or watch a hockey game at the Long Beach Municipal Ice Arena, and a host of other activities during even the coldest months.


With so much to do this season, why not book a mini-holiday in Long Beach? The views from the Allegria Hotel’s oceanfront rooms are stunning in every season. Come and see for yourself!