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Where to Drink in Long Beach

February 24th, 2017 Local Tips
Where to Drink in Long Beach

When you come to Long Beach, you come to kick back - to eat well, to drink well, and to have a good time. Of course, all of that can be done at the Allegria Hotel, from our acclaimed seafront restaurant Atlantica to our lively bar, L’Onda lounge. However, if you’re looking to explore a little more of the City by the Sea, without losing any of luxury that you’re used to at the Allegria Hotel, check out these local bars:

L’Onda Lounge

Sure, we’re partial to L’Onda Lounge - but not just because it’s one of our own. It has to-die-for views of the Altantic and a vibe that we would seek out no matter where in the world we were. Add that to L’Onda’s weekly line-up of local Long Beach artists and amazing drink specials, and we’ll take this gorgeous bar any day or night.


LB Social

Cool and casual, LB Social is new on the Long Beach scene. Yet it’s fast making a name for itself with its mix of classic and nouveau cocktails. Aside from the selection of “tried and true” concoctions, LB Social is experimenting with locally-sourced herbs and spices, as well as liquors. Make sure to check out their local absinthe brews.


Shine’s Bar

Calling Shine’s a dive bar would be doing it a disservice. It’s a Long Beach landmark. Sure it has its regulars, and the hundreds of photos on the wall, but it’s a bar that’s been well taken care of over the years. Established in 1912, Shine’s has been around since the beginning of Long Beach, serving up its classic model  “cold beer, strong cocktails, and decent wine.” However, their drink list is pretty impressive for a “dive bar.”



Although not quite the traditional back-alley prohibition joint, Speakeasy is a good neighborhood bar, especially if you’re a fan of craft brews. They have a wide variety of local and regional beers, and also some pretty delicious bar snacks. Think their Long Beach-famous mac’n’cheese or their hot pastry pretzels with homemade mustard sauce.