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Why Surfing Could Be Your New Favorite Winter Sport

December 30th, 2019 Surfing in Long Beach, NY
Why Surfing Could Be Your New Favorite Winter Sport

Long Beach fills with surfers during the summertime, but experienced local surfers swim year round. That’s right, even in freezing temperatures. Winter surfing is picking up around the nation, and while time out chasing waves is expectedly shorter, hard-core surfers swear by it.

For one, winter swells are considered to be better than those in the summer. LB surfers swear that Long Beach is best during the winter months, when the swells are bigger and you have them all to yourself.  A live feed of Long Beach from Allegria Hotel shows surfers taking on the frigid waters of the Atlantic daily, regardless of windchill.

You might be thinking, How is this possible? Luckily, improved gear makes winter surfing a thing. Surfers suit-up with a thick, 6/5 mm wetsuit, boots and a hood, and they’re ready to go. Long Beach has a few local surf shops where you can pick up all the gear you need to take on the cold.

Another factor that brings people to the water in such unfriendly conditions could be the addictive qualities of surfing, such as the release of dopamine, adrenaline, serotonin, and endorphins. That’s right, surfing junkies get a real high from surfing, which makes forgetting about the cold easier.

An added benefit of taking on waves during the winter is that it makes you a stronger surfer, argues Surfer Today, because of bigger ground swells, challenging conditions, and your continued practice in the off-season.

Convinced? Winter surfing is best for advanced or practiced surfers who are looking to improve their skills and know what they’re doing. Always make sure to surf with a buddy and check out the surf conditions ahead of time. 

Take a look at these three great spots to surf in Long Island during the winter season.

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