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Quick Guide to Shopping around Long Beach, NY

October 23rd, 2017 Local Tips
Quick Guide to Shopping around Long Beach, NY

When seasons change, so does fashion, and in this fast-paced electronic era, yesterday’s gadgets will be ancient in a week’s time. The big question in everyone’s mind is where to go to find the best shopping and latest trends? If you are in Long Island or just stopping by the Allegria Hotel for a beach getaway, check out our quick guide to the best shopping in and around Long Beach, NY.


As a coveted Long Island destination, Long Beach, NY, caters to shoppers of all ages and tastes. Head to the main shopping area along Park Avenue, between Laurelton Blvd and Lincoln Blvd – just a 5-minute walk from the Allegria. Here you will find wine and spirits shops, surfing and sports shops, and many boutiques to keep you busy perusing and swiping your card.


If what you are after are large-scale shopping malls, Roosevelt Field Mall is where you want to be. Located in Garden City just a 30-minute drive from Long Beach, this place is a shopper’s nirvana, not only because of the huge variety of shops, but also because it’s one of the biggest malls in the United States. Do you want to cross all items off your shopping list on the same day? Buy everything you need in one trip – appliances, linens, shoes, clothing, electronics, accessories, toiletries, beauty supplies, toys, food, videogames, and the list goes on. The mall is well-thought-out, as it includes plenty of snack and meal options for tired shoppers.


Last but definitely not least, there’s always the Big Apple. The Long Island Railroad is a mere 3-block walk from the Allegria – hop on a train right to New York City and spend your day exploring one of the top fashion capitals in the world. Some even say that if you look for something in New York and you don’t find it, it probably doesn’t exist! The best areas for shoppers are SoHo, East Village, Union Square and, of course, Midtown.


As all seasoned shoppers know, timing is everything. Keep an eye out for sales happening in your favorite stores and make sure that you plan your shopping spree accordingly. Once you are ready to put down your bags, come back to your room at the Allegria and relax with a drink or two at L’Onda Lounge after a long day.