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Must-See Sights in Long Beach

February 10th, 2017 Local Tips
Must-See Sights in Long Beach

A mix of beachfront resorts and residential areas, Long Beach has a history of being gorgeous escape from New York City. In fact, that’s how Long Beach began - as William H. Reynolds’ planned development of summer homes for New York City’s affluent population. And in many ways it has kept that same appeal. Much more relaxed than its big city neighbor, Long Beach is the perfect place to take a casual stroll and bask in its historic architecture and iconic views. Here is what is what you should stop and see during your stay at the Allegria Hotel.


Long Beach Historical Museum

Before venturing around the town, stop in the Long Beach Historical Museum and get the historical background on Long Beach and the insight to the different architectural styles that dominate the different neighborhoods and construction periods on the island. Maintained by the Long Beach Historical & Preservation Society, the museum is a historic building itself - and not just for the archives it houses. This house was built in 1909 as one of the original “The Estates of Long Beach” summer residence villas.


The Estates Club Neighborhoods

Speaking of The Estates, touring Long Beach’s historic neighborhoods is a local pastime in the City by the Sea. With architecture styles ranging from Spanish colonial and Moorish revival to Tudors and bungalows, the homes of Long Beach are a history lesson in themselves. Walk from the Allegria Hotel, and you’ll find yourself among the iconic homes that characterized Long Beach. Admire the Mediterranean style of the original Estates neighborhood, explore the bungalows of the West End and The Walks, or roam through Venice-inspired waterways of The Canals neighborhood.


The Boardwalk

Walking the Long Beach boardwalk is a must. Built in 1914, this iconic boardwalk has been a draw of Long Beach since its inception. It was a key element - and still is of Senator William H. Reynold’s planned community of Long Beach. With white sands and crashing waves, sunshine and seagulls, there’s no better place to be in Long Beach than on the boardwalk. Lucky for us at the Allegria Hotel, we live on it.