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Key Elements of Successful Corporate Events

Key Elements of Successful Corporate Events

When the stakes are high and you need to impress clients or motivate your colleagues, the right event can be the push that your company needs. Here’s what you need to consider while organizing a meeting, corporate event or team-building getaway.  


Avoid Being Predictable

As one of the top business capitals of the world, New York City draws everything from eager ladder-climbers to ambitious executives. Tempting as it may be to host an event in that buzzing and fast-paced scenario, allow us to suggest a different take on things.


Bringing your event to a city like Long Beach, NY, replaces boardrooms in the heart of the city with refreshing ocean views. Sometimes all you need to spark creativity is to leave the familiar settings behind.


Take Transportation into Account

Whenever you’re considering an event outside New York, travel costs can add up very quickly, especially if you’re planning on overnight stays. Accessibility is key to choosing the perfect location, as long distances risk cutting on your event’s agenda.


Luckily, Allegria is a mere 25 miles from Manhattan, 15 minutes from JFK Airport and four blocks from the Long Island Railroad. It may be close to New York, but it feels worlds away.

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The Right Venue is Essential

Now that you’ve chosen the location, it’s time to focus on the venue, as it can make or break your event. Before selecting one think about the type of event you’re organizing, the character and personality of your team or clients and, most importantly, what you expect to achieve.


The ideal venue should have as many in-house resources as possible. Hotels are perfect choices when you need rooms, catering, AV equipment and experienced staff. This also means streamlined communication because you’ll have one main point of contact within the event planning team.


If you’re coming to Long Beach, NY, the Allegria is the obvious choice. Ocean views, check. In-house tech support, wireless Internet and AV equipment, check. Team-building activities, check. Gourmet catering, check. Rooms and suites, check!


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Food and Drinks are Key Players

Business is often conducted over meals and drinks. Never underestimate the importance of providing the perfect food-drinks-ambiance combo. As mentioned earlier, your choices should always take into account the dynamics of the team or clients. Maybe you need a gourmet and high-end menu for executive guests. Or perhaps you prefer a laid-back buffet to encourage mingling.


Regardless of your choice, always, always remember to consider food allergies, dietary preferences or religious restrictions! Nothing puts a damper on an event like starving guests who can’t eat the food you’ve provided.  


The Allegria Hotel offers a wide selection of menus, buffets and customized meals. Contact us to discuss your options and we’ll be happy to accommodate your preferences.



Follow these tips and close that long-awaited deal or boost your team’s productivity. And don’t forget that Allegria Hotel has has everything required to host the perfect corporate event.