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Hold your Business Meetings at Allegria Hotel

Hold your Business Meetings at Allegria Hotel

The time for end-of-year plans and business meetings is upon us. But the dull conference room in the office building is no place for your team. What about leaving the concrete and steel behind and replacing it with ocean views and the white sand beaches of Long Beach, NY?

Have we peaked your interest? Read everything you need to know about hosting an event in Long Beach, NY. Once your event is ready to go, here’s what to ask yourself before a meeting.

What is the goal?

The first step is defining what you expect to achieve at the meeting. Ensure that everyone walks into the meeting room fully aware of its purpose. In doing so, you’ll boost productivity and make everyone’s time count. If you’re leading the meeting, having a clear purpose has the added bonus of giving you confidence.

What is the agenda?

Once your colleagues have a clear goal in mind, it’s time to catch their attention by conducting the best meeting your team’s ever had. An organized meeting is essential to staying on topic and avoiding circular conversations. Always remember to prepare an outline in advance and give handouts at the start of the meeting.

How long will it last?

Everyone’s time is precious. There’s no bigger distractor than people fidgeting and checking their phones. Be sure to arrive on time, start on time and finish on time. Your agenda should dictate the meeting’s duration, but allow enough time for questions and unforeseen issues. If you’re planning on a long day or multi-day event, breaks with drinks and snacks are a must.

What extras should you include?

It would be a shame to bring your colleagues to a city like Long Beach, NY, without planning interesting and fun activities for your corporate event. From short sightseeing trips to banquets of local cuisine, the City by the Sea has a plethora of things to do with your team.

Are you ready to start organizing your business event? Contact the Allegria Hotel event planners and discuss your requirements.