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Events @ L’Onda Lounge

November 20th, 2017 Allegria Hotel News & Events
Events @ L’Onda Lounge

When was the last time the famed Long Beach boardwalk was the backdrop of a party you attended? How often do you share views of the oceans with colleagues, friends or family? This and more awaits at L’Onda Lounge.


When you book an event at the Allegria Hotel’s beloved lounge, you are signing up for more than you pay for. First, the incredible views come for free – day or night, winter or summer, the Atlantic Ocean will wow your guests. Second, we have expert event managers that will take the load off your hands and advice you to ensure the event is memorable. And third, L’Onda Lounge itself is a venue to die for.


Take our fireplace, for example. Now that winter is coming, the ambiance created by the crackling fire and the soft light will bring people together. If what you prefer is a more lively party, our bartenders and staff will keep the signature cocktails coming! For those seeking a gourmet experience, our experienced caterers will accommodate your event’s specifications – kosher meals are welcome!


If you go to L’Onda Lounge now, you’ll find a fusion of our menu with the Atlantica Restaurant’s creations: Clams/Oysters, Crab Cake, Prosecco Shrimp Cocktail, Charcuterie Board, Short Rib Burger and much, much more. As always, all of our dishes come with that special touch that separates the Allegria Hotel from the rest of Long Beach’s eateries.


Regardless of whether your event at L’Onda Lounge is for business or pleasure, you’ll find amazing package deals for accommodations as well. What with breakfast served daily in the Atlantica Restaurant, in-house fitness facilities and seasonal rooftop pool, you and your guests will be well taken care of.


Don’t think about it too long, though – with a myriad of attractions, Long Beach, NY, is a sought-after destination and you could be the first to give your guest an all-around experience of what makes this beach destination shine year-round.

To request more information or to contact our event managers, contact us and you’ll see why the Allegria Hotel is a top venue for events near New York City.