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Basic Surf Equipment for Beginners

Basic Surf Equipment for Beginners

The ultimate water sport in Long Beach, NY, is surfing. Experienced and even professional surfers carve through the waves of the Atlantic Ocean year round, but beginners can do it too. The Allegria Hotel knows that come summer, the beach sees more visitors than any other season—luckily your stay includes a beach pass!


Now that you have access to the beach and its waves, read our post on Everything You Need To Know About Surfing In Long Beach to learn about the right time to surf, the cost and where to take lessons. The next step is to equip yourself.



A rule of thumb for surfboards is that if you’re a beginner, you’ll need a big and long surfboard. As for the material, foam is the best option for beginners, as you’ll probably be falling on the board many times. Foamy boards also make it easier to catch the waves.



Once you have your board, you’ll want some wax. You can purchase it at any surf shop at good prices. The wax’s job is to stop your feet from slipping and to improve your hand grip.



Although a wetsuit is optional in summer, if you’re serious about taking on surfing you should consider purchasing a wetsuit to keep you warm and avoid belly rashes. Short-sleeve wetsuits of 2mm-3mm are a good option for summer months. If you’re surfing in Long Beach during fall, winter and spring, a full 5mm wetsuit will keep you going for hours.



If you’re not ready to buy a surfboard yet, head to these local shops to rent one and get a feel for it before choosing the right one for you. Keep in mind that rentals are in high demand over summer!

Skudin Surf
1 Riverside Blvd, Long Beach, NY 11561

LB Surf
70 W. Park Ave Long Beach, NY 11561


Knowledge is Power

The next step will be to choose where to surf. Long Beach is the first option, as the beach is a stone’s throw from the Allegria Hotel. If you want to explore beyond Long Beach, read our post on Top Surfing Spots On Long Island.


Last but not least, never forget to check the surf report! You’ll know whether the waves are right for your skill level. Surfline publishes comprehensive surf reports and forecasts daily.


Do you want to get started on surfing? Start by choosing one of Allegria Hotel’s offers and book your stay to begin your adventure.