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The Allegria Hotel Guide to Unplugging from NYC

March 10th, 2017 Local Tips
The Allegria Hotel Guide to Unplugging from NYC

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Those New York minutes can add up pretty quickly to, well, a lot of stress. The constant ping of your cell phone, the social engagements engagements every weekend, and the seemingly never-ending pile of work don’t help either. But at the Allegria Hotel, we’re experts in leaving the city behind and taking the time to enjoy the finer things in life. Although we’re only an hour away from Manhattan, our atmosphere is worlds away. So leave your phone in your room, forget about those unanswered emails, and go out and enjoy the beauty that is Long Beach. This is the Allegria Hotel Guide to Unplugging from New York City.


Have a Drink at L’Onda Lounge

If you’re joining us on a Friday after work, drop your bags off in the room, and head straight to L’Onda Lounge. Every Friday and Saturday we have live music from popular local artists from both Long Beach and New York City. From singer-songwriters to rock ‘n’ roll and jazz, there’s always a good selection of music. And the view of the Atlantic can’t be beat.


Hit the Beach

One of the best things about the Allegria Hotel is its right on the beach. You wake up, and look out your window, it’s there. You walk downstairs, and you’re on the beach. Find your perfect spot on the beach under our exclusive umbrellas, or soak up the sun on our lounge chairs, as you take in the Atlantic in all its glory.


Surf the Waves

Whether you’ve surfed before or not doesn’t matter, Long Beach is your chance to finally hang ten. One of New York’s prime surfing destinations, Long Beach boasts the ideal conditions to try your luck on the pipeline. That said, Allegria Hotel has teamed up with Long Beach’s Skudin Surf School to offer private surf lessons. Schedule your surf lesson at the front desk and start dominating the waves.


Explore the Town on Bike

Long Beach is a city that’s filled with history. Developed by William Reynolds, the Coney Island Dreamland mogul, the city of Long Beach garnered its reputation as the summer retreat from the  city from the very beginning. With its lush gardens and spacious homes, Long Beach maintains much of that same vibe today. Rent a bike and explore these unique neighborhoods, and in the meantime, check out our guide to the historic Long Beach.


Walk the Boardwalk

The boardwalk never gets old. One of the most calming spots in all of Long Beach, here you can forget all about the day-to-day and just keep walking, side by side with the sea. With the cool ocean breeze and the sun sparkling on the water, this a must every time you stay with us in Long Beach.