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The Advantages of Booking Your Hotel Direct

The Advantages of Booking Your Hotel Direct

Third-party booking agencies have become commonplace for hotel reservations, but there are great advantages to booking your hotel direct. Here’s why.

Booking direct is more personalized

If you’re booking for a special occasion, you can talk with the hotel directly for special requests, issues, or concerns. That’s not the case through an agency, which usually doesn’t provide a call line if there’s an issue.

Our staff at Allegria Hotel knows everything about the accommodations, so they can direct you to exactly what you’re looking for. Specifications can be granted directly with us, which you can't achieve through a third-party site. Dreaming of a room with a view of Long Beach? Something close to the ground level? We have you covered.

Enjoy better deals

A discounted rate from a third-party booking agency may be tempting, but many times the best offers are actually found directly though your hotel.

Allegria Hotel offers deals that include discounts for seniors and AAA members. Staying more than four nights? You could apply for a 15 percent discount!

See our special offers page to see if any discounts can be applied to your stay.

No lost reservations

Have you ever tried checking into a hotel room that didn’t receive your reservation from a booking agency? This is never fun, especially at a busy hotel. Booking agencies aren’t the most communicative if there’s an issue, which causes unnecessary stress when you should be busy relaxing.

Bypass this hassle completely by booking direct with Allegria Hotel. Here’s a look at our comfortable rooms with stunning views.

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Allegria Hotel is the only luxury hotel in Long Beach located just off the boardwalk. Our rooftop pool is the envy of Long Beach, with magnificent views of the ocean. Book your summer getaway in advance for the best prices and deals!