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5 Steps to an Incredible Experience in Long Beach, NY

February 5th, 2018 Local Tips
5 Steps to an Incredible Experience in Long Beach, NY

New York’s backyard is a gorgeous slice of island, barely a mile wide and about 3 miles long, which packs an incredible number of sights and experiences waiting to be discovered.


Stay at a Luxury Hotel

To truly soak in the sheer beauty of Long Beach, NY, book a room at the only hotel on the boardwalk: Allegria Hotel. Wake up to views of the Atlantic Ocean by choosing oceanfront rooms or suites.


Go for a Dip in the Ocean

With the ocean just across the road from The Allegria, the activities are endless. Long Beach, NY, is a top surfing destination - even in winter.

Come summer, the beach is really open for business. Your stay at The Allegria includes a beach pass and great deals from our friends of Skudin Surf.


Join the Locals

A good traveler knows that in order to get a feel of a destination, you’ve to follow the footsteps of the locals. Where else would you find the hidden gems and best places in town - apart from this blog?

Long Beach, NY, is more than a beach town - it’s a city, and as such, you’ll find restaurants, live music, bars, art, sports events and history.


Dine on Gourmet Food

When your appetite craves for a good, sit-down meal, Long Beach delivers. Starting from The Allegria’s staple restaurant, Atlantica, and continuing to gourmet food trucks and kosher food, there’s a something for everyone.


Go on a Shopping Spree

New York City is just an hour away, but shopping is right here. Local boutiques are charming and unique - set an afternoon aside to wander from door to door. If, however, you’ve something bigger in mind, get on your car and head to the many outlets located a short drive from Long Beach, NY.




As you can see, or read, you now have the key to making the most of your experience. Take a look at our special offers and join us in your next holiday!