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5 Eco-Friendly Practices for Your Beach Vacation

September 16th, 2019 Local Tips
5 Eco-Friendly Practices for Your Beach Vacation

Travel with a lighter conscience by taking small measures that will decrease your impact on the environment. Here are five eco-friendly practices you can instill on your next beach vacation.

Leave the car keys behind

Convenience is tempting, but using public transportation, riding a bike or walking on foot will help to decrease your carbon footprint. Most visitors to Long Beach, NY, will find that they can get around just fine without a car. Read up on the city’s Social Bicycle, 24-hour bus service and Allegria Hotel’s central location before your visit.

Designate your towels

Designating one beach towel – which you dutifully shake the sand out of after use – and one for the shower – which you always hang to dry after use – will help cut down on unnecessary washing loads.

Cover up & use mineral-based sunscreen


A reported 6,000 tons of sunscreen washes into the planet’s coral reefs annually. Some toxic sunscreen has directly caused damage to coral reefs and marine life. A way to curb this troubling data is to cover up from the sun with clothing. If you want the sun on your skin, opt for mineral sunscreen void of oxybenzone, a harsh chemical known to bleach corals and harm marine life.

Figure out your drinking water situation ahead of time

It’s hard to keep tabs on everything you do while traveling, especially when you’re thirsty. Bring a reusable water bottle but also have a plan of where you’ll fill up! Buy a few gallons of water ahead of time to keep in your hotel room so you can stay hydrated before setting out.

Frequent Local Ocean-Friendly Restaurants

The Ocean Friendly Restaurants program launched by the Surfrider Foundation environmental organization tackles a significant source of plastic pollution – disposable plastics distributed by local eateries. Long Beach currently has seven local restaurants that are part of the program, including LB Social and Five Ocean. Patronize these local restaurants to support the local economy and be easier on the environment!


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